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Tambov region is a historical center of Russia, situated in the Central Black Earth Zone. Michurinsk is the second important city of the region. 
It was constructed as a fortress (1635) in order to protect the southern boarders of Russia from the Tatar invaders and to explore the black soil area. This town safely protected the main ways of Tatar attacking the Russian lands and made the rapid inhabiting of the region possible.
Since the 18-th century, Michurinsk has developed into a large center of agriculture.


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Michurinsk is an important railway junction which connects the center of Russia with its southern regions. It is situated 450 km to the south-east of Moskow. Main industries of Michurinsk include machine-building and equipment engineering.
The city has become the center of horticulture due to the fact that an outstanding Russian fruit breeder I.V.Michurin lived and worked here. He has developed over 300 fruit varieties and Michurinsk Institute of Horticulture was founded on his initiative.
Nowadays the city is a scientific center of horticultural development. There is a cluster of education and research institutions dealing with the fruit and vegetable growing issues. Michurinsk State Agrarian University is among them. It plays a leading role in training experts for not only for agricultural production area but also specialists for the social development of rural territories.
Michurinskis is a bright sample of a small ancient Russian city, welcoming its guests and visitors.


Architecturally Michurinsk combines modern buildings and old buildings dating from 18 and 19 century. Its unique architecture and picturesque landscapes attracts a lot of tourists.