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DAAD Summer School GoEast 2019


International summer school “From Field to Fork – from Tree to Mouth: Agricultural Production for Food Security and Import Substitution”

We are glad to invite international students to take part in our international summer school “From Field to Fork – from Tree to Mouth: Agricultural Production for Food Security and Import Substitution” organized by two educational institutions of higher professional training in Tambov and Belgorod Regions (Central Black Earth – Chernozem – Zone).  Presently Michurinsk State Agrarian University (Tambov Region) and Belgorod State Agricultural University cooperate within the Association of Agrarian Education in the Central Part of Russia, which will give summer school students a chance to get acquainted with the agricultural expert training and the ways the universities collaborate in the association.           

International summer school “From Field to Fork – from Tree to Mouth: Agricultural Production for Food Security and Import Substitution” is the programme oriented at German, Russian and international students at the two host universities of central Russia. By attending this summer program students will develop a wider horizon and international orientation – two personal factors that will improve their job qualifications. Getting acquainted with the agribusiness aspects in the Black Earth Zone of Russia will be combined with intercultural issues in the international environment, preparing students to their future career in the globalized world.

The main goal of the programme is to help international participants to learn more about the state of affairs in agricultural science and agribusiness in the central part of Russia, its horticulture, crop production, animal husbandry and food production in particular, on the basis of the two typically agricultural regions. Students will have a wonderful opportunity not just to explore different aspects of agricultural science, but also to learn more about import substitution and food security programmes. The programme implies visiting agricultural enterprises in order to see with one’s own eyes how Russian agribusiness is organized as well as to compare the tendencies of agricultural production in different regions of Russia. Therefore the programme is divided into two weeks, each week is dedicated to the state of affairs in one of the regions, and each week of the programme implies a good combination of lectures and visits to the enterprises.

Students doing the course in agriculture, food production and related sciences are welcome.

We do hope that joint efforts and cooperation of the two agricultural institutions of higher professional training will be a success in offering the informative interactive lectures, practical master classes, presentations on the import substitution and food security programmes.

Summer school description:

Part I Belgorod State Agricultural University

The first part will be carried out in Belgorod State Agricultural University. Belgorod Region is part of the Central Black Earth economic region and the Central Federal District. Belgorod region is a highly developed agriculturally, a recognized leader in pork and poultry production of the country. The region ranks first in Russia in meat production and is rightly being called "pork capital of Russia". It has experience in creation of agricultural holdings with full cycle: from feed production to the finished product and the organization of its sales through its own sales network. At the same time great importance is attached to environmental safety and recycling of waste into organic fertilizers.

Belgorod State Agricultural University is one of the largest scientific educational centers of Central Chernozem Region. In order to hold great exhibitions of modern agricultural machinery, to house international meetings and conferences, to carry out practical applications and hands-on experiments scientific and practical training center “Agrotekhnopark” was established in the university. Students will get an overview of the university`s educational and scientific capacities.

Poultry farming is highly developed in this region. One of the poultry company “Razumenskaya indeika” is involved in turkey meat production. It is young fast growing company with own production sites, slaughter house and trade outlets in Belgorod region. Special attention is paid to the development of dairy farming in all types of farms: large agricultural holdings, mini dairy farms and small holdings. Livestock sector development is closely linked to the program of eco-production and environmental activities carried out in the region. “Kolkhoz Gorina” is unique farm form, where they raise cattle and produce pork.

In 2012 2 biogas plants LLC "AltEnergo" and JSC "Regional Center for Biotechnology" were opened. They became the first biogas plants of such a scale in Russia.

Village "Kostroma" is one of the most interesting cultural parts in Belgorod, is the open air museum with seven farmsteads, each has its own thematic fields. It is situated in the place with numerous springs emanating from the Cretaceous slope, falling in this region starting at the river Psyol.

The Day of the City with its local songs and dances, traditional and bright costumes and fireworks is amazing and incredible festival.

These great and many other interesting places can be seen in Belgorod region. The professors of Belgorod State Agricultural University will share with the participants their knowledge and experience. They will show strengths of Russia and its incredible volumes.

 Part II Michurinsk State Agrarian University

Therefore being famous for its horticultural traditions Michurinsk State Agrarian University suggests dedicating two training days to horticultural issues providing the information about the main achievements in horticultural development and apple rootstock breeding as well organizing a practical class in the experimental orchard of the National Association of Fruit Growers, which is situated in Michurinsk unites the fruit producers from all over the country.

During the first programme day the students will get an overview of the university, its educational and scientific programmes. Whereas the day titled “From Field to Fork” will provide the information on vegetable production and food security aspects. Besides the ecological issues will be concerned, in particular sustainable crop production on the black (chernozem) soils, as well as the fertilizers application for growing healthy agricultural produce. Theoretical presentations will be supported by practical master class in soils science and a study trip to the vegetable production enterprise “Teplichnoye”.

The programme day “An Apple a Day for Russia and Faraway” will include the presentation about the main horticultural development programmes adopted in Tambov Region recently. They are aimed to intensify horticultural production in the region and to satisfy the needs of Russia and neighboring countries. Due to the traditions of the famous Russian horticulturist I.V. Michurin and outstanding rootstock breeder V. I. Budagovskiy Michurinsk and its university play an important role in the horticultural science development.

The thematic day under the title “From Tree to Mouth” will cover the aspects of fruit and vegetable storage and processing. The programme of the day will include the visit to the university laboratories of progressive storage technologies and functional food production, where innovative food production recipes are developed. The students will be presented the information about new healthy products from regional fruit and vegetables and will participate in the master class on apple chips production.

One of the most important challenges faced by contemporary Russian agriculture is breeding and production of healthy seeds and other planting material. Therefore the role of science could hardly be overestimated within this context. The day “Research for Agricultural Development” will enable the students to learn in detail how plant biotechnologies and molecular genetic analysis enhance production of healthy planting material. The students will visit the university research laboratories and participate in a master-class in the laboratory of biotechnologies doing some practical work. In the second part of the day a visit to KWS-RUS seed production enterprise will be organized in order to give the students an opportunity to see the way a joint German-Russian seed production company works in Russia, and what kind of experiments in the sphere of seed production they carry out at their experimental station.

Sunday, the last summer school day, will be scheduled for the cultural programme involving the visit to the countryside estate - the house-museum of the well-known Russian composer Sergey Rakhmaninov.  Apart from it during the week days some cultural program is also planned in the evenings for the students to learn more about the city, the region and Russian culture on the whole.



Working language: English

Interpretation in English, Russian, German will be provided when necessary

Language course (optional): Short course of Russian vocabulary related to agriculture

ECTS points available: 4 credits

Integrated cultural programme:

The other important goal is to show how interesting life and study abroad can be, helping to discover cultural differences. Thus the programme also includes cultural excursions to the famous places in Tambov and Belgorod Regions, participation in the cultural events and some Russian language classes, which are supposed to be optional, as the main aim of the school is not language studies.

Discovering cultural differences, coping with the language challenge and being inspired by the cooperation in the international group will help to see and learn a lot and at the same time enjoy the combination of serious study and great pleasure from intercultural communication.

Cultural programme in both Regions involves visits to the museums (Rakhmaninov’ s house museum, Gerasimov’s exhibition, Michurin’s house-museum, Cheese House museum, Open Space Museums “Klyuchi” and “Prokhorovka”) as well as Russian cathedrals and a monastery (Kostroma village in Belgorod region, Kholky Monastery).

Class hours per week:  Summer school programme on the whole will last for 15 days and the students will receive 4 credits for 44 academic hours of lectures/presentations combined with participating in professional excursions to agricultural and food production enterprises.

Participation fee in €: 550 Euro

Application deadline for international students:

June 1, 2019


The application package includes:

- Filled in application form with passport scan for visa support

- CV

- short Cover Letter (not longer than1 page) presenting the participant and his/her school

- academic transcript with results


Certificates will be provided by both universities and awarded to the participants at Belgorod State Agricultural University.

Selection criteria:

-       doing a course in agriculture, food production or related sciences at home university;

-       a good knowledge of English (knowledge of Russian is preferable, but not obligatory);

-       good academic results;

-       motivation to travel much and get a lot of new information;

-       ability to be optimistic and to put up with non-luxurious living conditions of a students’ dormitory. 

Dr. Elena Yashina (Michurinsk State Agrarian University)

393760 Michurinsk, Internationalnaya Str., 101


+7 (47545) 5 25 07


Dr. Tatyana Litvinenko (Belgorod State Agricultural University)

308503 Belgorod Region, Mayskiy, Vavilova Str., 1


+7 (4722) 39-11-74