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Practical information

Practical Information for International Students 
Passport, Invitation, Visa

Most foreign citizens need a visa to enter and exit Russia. A visa is a slip of paper/a sticker that contains information about you and your stay in Russia such as your name(s), birth date, passport number, duration of your stay, and has the name of the organization that has applied for the visa for you.
You cannot get a visa without a passport, if you do not have a passport get one as soon as possible.
• Make sure that your passport is valid more then 1,5 year
• According to the RF legislation a university invitation requires a single entry, student, 90 days Russian visa. When you are in Michurinsk you will be "registered" for the whole semester and will get a multiple visa. 
To find the nearest Russian embassy or consulate, please, visit: http://www.russianembassy.net/
For more information on Russian visa requirements, please, visit: http://www.visatorussia.com/
Also take into account that preparation of Michurinsk State Agrarian University invitation takes approximately 5-6 weeks after obtaining all the necessary document from you.

Students are required to have health insurance. Health insurance may be purchased in Russia for a nominal fee 5 500 rubles, however many Russian Embassies/Consulates require proof of health insurance before they will issue students a visa.
Be sure to keep your medical bills so your insurer could reimburse you later. If anything is stolen from you (including cash), immediately report the case to the police. Otherwise, you will not be able to make the insurance claim.
The MSAU cannot reimburse you for any such accident in case it occurs. But if your insurance does not work in Russia, you will have to buy it in Michurinsk. You should be ready to pay for your medical treatment on a private basis in case of necessity, if you don't have a Russian insurance cover or the insurance cover you had obtained at home doesn't function on the territory of the RF. The university has no liability in any case.

Registration Upon Your Arrival
You and your visa must be registered within 2 working days upon your arrival. Please read carefully migration rules of Russian Federation for foreign students. 
To register, you must submit to the MSAU International Office the following:

• Registration forms (will be given to you upon your arrival)
• Passport with a visa and a stamped migration card
• 6 black and white, mate photos, size 3х4 (can be taken upon your arrival)
• Health insurance policy (a copy)

While crossing the Russian border, please, do not forget to fill in a migration card and receive a STAMP on it (you should receive it from a passport control policeman at the boarder).According to the Russian legislation, a non-Russian citizen cannot be registered without A STAMPED MIGRATION CARD received at the border.
At the International Office, you will get a temporary certificate ("SPRAVKA") that will be valid while your passport is taken for the visa extension procedure. The certificate says that you are a student at the MSAU and your passport has been taken for registration. Mind that the process of issuing of a multiple visa might take up to a month and plan your stay accordingly. Take into account that you can't leave Michurinsk until you receive your passport with new visa back.

When you arrive, someone from International office will help you to settle more easily into your new environment. We will help you both before and upon you arrival.
We will be in contact with you during your stay in Russia and will provide you with basic information about the city and the university. 
We will make every effort to help you but, please, respect our privacy and remember that we can't only spend all time with you.

You should inform the International Office staff about your travel arrangements (date, time, flight/train number) as soon as possible. Consequently, if we do not receive any information from you about your travel arrangements in time, there will be no one to meet you at the train station.
In that case you will have to figure it out on your own: take a taxi or use public transport to get to the Dormitory.
How to get to the Dormitory from...
• The railway station "Michurinsk Uralskiy"
By Bus. Bus no.1 leaves from the front of the central office building. There are four busv stops before you reach the university. Apply to the International Relations Office - room 309/3, Internationalnaya, 101. Tel.: (457545) 9-45-09.
By Taxi. A taxi from the railway station costs about $2-$3 US, depending on the time of the day. Take a taxi to Michurinsk Sate Agrarian University. 
• The railway station "Michurinsk Voronezhskiy": 
By Bus. Bus no.15, no 150 leaves from the station. There are about 10 bus stops from the station to the university, so be sure to ask for the bus stop ""Rynok". Apply to the International Relations Office - room 309/3, Internationalnaya, 101. Tel.: (457545)9-45-09.
By Taxi. A taxi from the railway station costs about $2-$3 US, depending on the time of the day.
Address: Tambov region, Michurinsk, Krasnoarmeiskaya Street, 10A
Krasnoarmeyskaya dormitory is located in the center of the city. There is a bus station close by. The university is within 5-10 walking distance from the dormitory and 10-15 minutes from the city centre.
Rooms in the dormitory
There are two types of rooms in our dormitory. The first type is a room for two people. The room shared by 2 people is equipped with two beds, two wardrobes, two chairs, two nightstands and one table. The bedroom shared by 3 people has three beds, three wardrobes, three chairs, three nightstands. The dormitory has a lobby, equipped by TV, the Internet access, drying and ironing place.
The kitchen is equipped by a fridge and a stove. Crockery, cutlery and pans are provided.
There are always guards at the entrance of the dorm checking for entrance card therefore living in the dormitory is safe.
Also please note that guests need to have a passport to enter the dorm and can stay not later than 11 p.m.
The price of the dormitory is included in the tuition fee. 
Facilities and services
a) Internet
There is internet available in the rooms.
c) Sport facilities
There are 4 gyms at our university. We have a lot of sports groups for dping different kinds of sports, such as football, basketball, hand-to-hand fighting, tennis and others. 
Also you can find some private fitness clubs offering their services in Michurinsk
There are plenty of supermarkets around the dorm and other essential stores like pharmacy, bank or hair dresser's and some recreational places like football pitch, bars and restaurants. In addition there is a supermarket "Magnit" within 15 minutes walking distance from the dormitory where you can find a wide variety of grocery products and everyday items.
"Living in the student dormitory will help you especially at the beginning with your integration process and will ease your life as you share many daily activities jointly with fellow students. You will have the pleasure of always having lively and fun-loving people around you; promising you to never get bored and have a great time. Try the dormitory experience and you will find out yourself the benefits of living at Krasnoarmeyskaya Dorm!"
Adedeji Adelani Abidemi (Nigeria)