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How to apply

Information for International Students
How to apply

In order to apply to the university it is necessary to send us the following documents to this e-mail address invitation.mgau@gmail.com :
1. Scanned copy of your international passport.
2. Scanned copy of your Certificate of Education.
3. Scanned copy of legalization of your Certificate of Education
4. City, where it is most convenient for you to receive a visa at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country.

The application procedure includes the following stages:
1. After receiving the necessary documents, we will apply to the Federal Migration Service in order to get the invitation.

2. It takes 30 days to obtain an invitation from the Federal Migration Service.

3. When the invitation is ready, we will send you the invitation and the admission letter after your having paid a tuition fee deposit.

4. Citizens of certain countries may require the Approval letter in addition to the above-mentioned documents

5. You can find the general information about our university on our site: www.mgau.ru , under the heading "International Relations".

6. Feel free to contact us if any questions arise at: zavomo@mgau.ruomo@mgau.ruomo2@mgau.ru;  or by phone +(747545) 3 88 15 (527); +(747545) 3 88 15 (484)

We will be glad to help you!
Looking forward to your application documents.