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Post-graduate programmes

PhD Programs

Post graduate study programs (Candidate of Sciences)

Field of knowledge                      



03.00.12   Physiology and biochemistry of plants

03.00.23   Biotechnology

03.02.08   Ecology


05.18.01   Technique of processing, storing and reprocessing cereal and legume crops, fruit and vegetable products and viticulture

05.20.01   Technologies and mechanization facilities in agriculture

05.20.02   Electro-technologies and electro-facilities in agriculture

05.20.03   Technologies and maintenance equipment in agriculture

Agricultural Agronomy

06.01.01   Common agriculture (fruit growing, vegetable growing, plant growing)

06.01.04   Agrochemistry

06.01.05   Selection and seed growing of agricultural plants

06.01.07   Plant protection

Veterinary and Zootechnics

06.02.06 Veterinary midwifery and biotechnology of animal reproduction

06.02.07 Animal breeding, selection and genetics of agricultural animals

06.02.08 Feed producing, feeding of agricultural animals and techniques of feed production


08.00.05 Economics and national economy management

08.00.12 Accounting, statistics

08.00.13 Mathematical and instrumental methods in economy

13.00.08 Pedagogics, theory and method of professional education


Doctor of Sciences Study Programs

• 06.01.01 - Common agriculture (fruit growing, viticulture);

• 06.01.05 - Selection and seed growing of agricultural plants;

• 08.00.05 - Economics and national economy management;

• 05.20.01 - Technologies and mechanization facilities in agriculture.     

Research supervising is done by 55 leading scientists of the university, there are 3 Academicians of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences among them, 46 Doctors of sciences, professors, 27 Candidates of sciences, senior lecturers. In the university almost all requirements for preparing and promoting of theses are developed.