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Main rules


1. Foreign citizens coming to study at Michurinsk State Agrarian University (MSAU) (including research programs and courses) should submit to the International Office (Building 3, 3nd floor, office 309) of MSAU the following documents: the national passport, visa and migration card stamped by Border Control (Immigration) in order to be primarily registered.

2. Foreign citizens have to submit to the International office of MSAU application to prolong the registration and all the documents required for it not later than 1 month (20 working days) prior to the expiration of the stated date of primary registration. The visa will be issued for 1 year in accordance with the terms of your study contract.
3. Before leaving for other cities of the Russian Federation a foreign citizen has to visit International relations Office of MSAU and to give the information concerning the purpose, duration and point of destination. In case of staying in another city for the period longer than three days a foreign citizen has to apply for registration by his/herself to a local department of the Migration Service or to the authorities of the host organization in order to obtain a temporary registration. During two working days after returning to the place of study a foreign citizen has to inform the International Office of MSAU of his/her arrival. 
4. Before leaving the Russian Federation a foreign citizen has to visit the International office of MSAU and inform the office about the purpose and duration of a trip. During two working days on return to the place of study a foreign citizen has to inform the International Office of his/her arrival. 
5. In case the national documents are lost foreign citizens have to inform immediately the nearest police station about the place of the loss to obtain the certificate confirming the loss and inform the International office of MSAU about an accident.
6. Foreign citizens have to extend or change their national passports 6 months before the expiry date and register them at the International office of MSAU(office 309/3). 
7. Upon graduation or dismissal from the university foreign citizens have to depart from the Russian Federation within the period determined by the Faculty Administration. In order to leave the territory of the Russian Federation foreign citizens must have a national passport, a stamped migration card, a visa.
8. Foreign citizens studying at Michurinsk State Agrarian University are permitted to work only during vacation or in their free time as technical assistants at the university (for instance: technician etc.) 
All other labor activities for foreign citizens during the period of study are strictly forbidden. 
9. Foreign students who have committed crimes or misdemeanors in the Russian Federation incur the same penalties as the citizens of the Russian Federation. 
10. Any violation of the present rules is subject to the following measures: a fine, dismissal, and deportation in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
The visa wait period - 1 month
I have read and understood the rules. Acknowledged and accepted.

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