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The discussion platform "Tambov region – an interethnic region"

The discussion platform "Tambov region – an interethnic region"

On may 31, international students from Michurinsk SAU took part in the discussion platform "Tambov region – an interethnic region". This platform was held in the framework of the IX International Student Festival "The Days of National Cultures" in the city of Tambov.

The group from Michurinsk SAU included: head of the International Relations Office Elena Yashina and a specialist of the structural unit Angelina Barannikova, an associate Professor Dr. Galina Bauder, an associate Professor Dr. Valentina Tugareva, as well as international students and students of the preparotary training course in Russian.

Head of the Michurinsk SAU international relations office Elena Yashina made a report "We are different. What unites us?" dedicated to the problems of interethnic relations harmonization. International students and university staff attended a master class on teaching Russian.