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Presentation of the Center for International Student Interaction (ISIC)

Presentation of the Center for International Student Interaction (ISIC)

On October 1, foreign students of Michurinsk State Agrarian University (rector Vadim Babushkin) visited the Youth Center of the Tambov Region, where a one-day presentation forum of the International Student Interaction Center (ISIC) took place. Foreign students of TSTU and TSU named after G. R. Derzhavin also participated in the forum

Opening the forum, the staff of the Center presented the regional program of the Center's activities. The presenters spoke about the purpose of the organization - to help students create their own projects and apply for grants; planning joint actions and events. In addition, foreign students will be able to receive qualified assistance from lawyers and psychologists at the Center.

Following the presentation, the staff of the center organized networking. During networking, the guests of the forum introduced themselves to each other, talked about their skills and abilities, and announced plans for the future. As a result of such activity, the students found partners - they offered one of them help in implementing his plans (based on their skills), and the second partner was a person who would help them to implement theirs.

At the end of networking, the organizers arranged a "case study" session. This activity was created to acquaint students with the format of work on projects. The participants were divided into three teams, and each team was assigned a moderator - an employee of the Center. The moderator presented to the students a project in which they had to define the goal and objectives, as well as difficulties and their solutions. Students of Michurinsk State Agrarian University successfully completed their assignments and received certificates as a result of the forum.