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Michurinsk State Agrarian University welcomes you to a dynamic higher education institution. This guide will help you to find your way around in Michurinsk State Agrarian University and will offer vital information to any visitor. In MSAU you can expect a well-structured student counseling service, tailor-made courses and study programs, well supervised practical trainings and final projects, multiple contacts with trade and industry.

The infrastructure (classrooms, laboratories, media centers) and facilities have been set up to provide an agreeable environment for study. Student participation in MSAU development has been a longstanding tradition. 

Past century has brought the humanity not only the civilization achievement and outstanding new high technologies, it has given huge environmental pollution, production of low quality food, informational and emotional stress, which negatively affects people's health. These problems are especially acute today all over the world. Let us try to solve them together. Our university offers its students a wide range of courses in the sphere of crop growing and food production as well as in the field of agricultural management, rural sociology and life sciences. We do our best to enlarge our scientific achieves and to share our knowledge with students. In the nearest future we see our university as an important scientific research centre introducing innovative approaches to food production and agricultural management with a stable growth of students' number, wishing to make the world better.
I am sure we are able to achieve this great goal working together in close partnership with you, our students.

Rector of Michurinsk State Agrarian University  V.A.Babushkin